Vim From Scratch

A video course on building a fully-capbable modern Vim-based IDE and expirience around it from scratch.

Hi, I'm Ianis 👋. I've been using Vim for more than 5 years now, and it still amazes me every day. I would want more people to use Vim, as it's such an excellent tool that makes you feel like a superman. The problem is that out of the box, Vim is not too impressive (compared to the modern IDEs), so a newbie has to spend some time setting it up properly.

And that is why I created that course.

In this screencast series, we will make a full a powerful IDE based on Vim from scratch. Along the way, we will slowly build the configuration from scratch. We will add all settings and plugins to transform it into a modern fully-functional IDE.

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Course Agenda

  • 1. Intro. Why Learn Vim in 2019?
  • 2. Basics. Navigate, edit. Learn open and quit Vim ;)
  • 3. Configuration and plugin management
  • 4. Text motions, objects and operators deep dive
  • 5. More essential plugins
  • 6. Buffers, tabs and splits
  • 7. Dot operator and macroses!
  • 8. Search and replace
  • 9. File navigation: NERDTree and FZF
  • 10. Linting and fixing: Ale
  • 11. Auto-completion with deoplete
  • 12. Let's setup Vim for TypeScript and React
  • 13. Let's setup Vim for Ruby And Rails


Who is this course for?

This course is mostly for newbies and people who would like to try Vim but is also wanting to be productive from the day one.

How is it different from the others?

The purpose of this particular course is not to go into all the details an perks of Vim (while we're going through the basic concepts as well) but rather to focus on building a working setup development setup so you can be productive as soon as possible.

What Vim version is used?

We are using the NeoVim which is a most modern and fast Vim implementation out there. But it is pretty much compatible with Vim 8+ (the difference is mostly in the inner implementation and some default configuration values). Everything you learn here can be als applied to Vim 8 or any other Vim out there.

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