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Useful Vim Plugins You Haven't Heard Of

February 25, 2021

Over the last couple of months, I discovered several neat Vim plugins I never heard of before. And I thought I'd share.

Ayu color scheme with a TypeScript file
Ayu color scheme with a TypeScript file

All headers are links. Or you can copy-paste it and use your favorite plugin manager.


You know that feeling when you yanked some text but not quite sure if you pressed the right key combination? This plugin shortly highlights whatever you just yanked.


Remember Tim Pope's surround.vim plugin that allows you to wrap and re-wrap chunks of text with brackets, quotes, etc.? This one is very similar but it also highlights the wrapping text, making it much more convenient.


While I understand that might be a super popular use-case, I need to look up a word definition or a synonym, especially when writing articles or code comments. Instead of reaching to Google, I can do it from the cozy comfort of my Vim.


Vim-clap allows you to fuzzy-find anything from files to Git commits. It uses modern popup APIs (supports both Vim 8+ and Neovim). Honestly, I'm not using it all that much, as I still get kicks out of my FZF.


This one is a color scheme and a pretty convincing one (the top screenshot in this article). I switched to it from gruvbox and am happy so far. Unfortunately, it seems to be unmaintained, but here's a maintained fork.


You might find this one handy if you're a heavy splits users (everyone loves splits!). Long story short, it shrinks all the other splits beside the current one. Well, you know how an accordion works.


This plugin puts the cursor at the place it was the last time you edited the file.


LSP clients nowadays can build a tree of your program (symbol tree?) similar to some full-blown IDEs. This plugin is a UI for that tree. I'm using it to overview and navigate the code quickly.


Junegunn Choi is a prolific author of several super-hit plugins like FZF and vim-plug. Limelight dims non-active paragraphs of the file, thus letting you focus on the current one. You can use it together with Goyo.

What's next?

That's it, folks.

If you know more interesting plugins, please don't hesitate to share.

Now you probably want more Vim plugins because it's never enough. Here's what I got.

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